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About me

My name is Julie Helsen, and I live with my partner and our little son in Nijmegen.


As a young girl, I already knew that I wanted to become a mother someday. I spent hours playing alone with dolls, and at family gatherings, I was always busy with the youngest children. During my studies in Pedagogical Sciences, I became particularly interested in the early development of babies. How does a baby experience the world around them? How do they form relationships with their parents and surroundings? What impact do very early (impressive) experiences have on a person's life?

Through my work in youth care and the burnout I experienced, I discovered more about the functioning of family systems and how the patterns formed in early life influence the rest of one's life. By gaining more self-insight into this, I learned to gradually break (some) patterns. I realized that there was a little girl in me who had not always felt seen and heard, and how I could now take care of her. Above all, I learned that taking good care of myself is the most important condition for being able to take care of my surroundings well and sustainably.


These insights led me to resign from my work in youth care and as a university lecturer and to work as a childcare worker in daycare centers. I realized that I had missed the real connection with young children and their parents all this time. The pregnancy and birth of my own son then led me down a new path.


I found it a miracle to be pregnant and wanted to be as well-prepared as possible for labor and the postpartum period. In hindsight, I am very grateful for this because it helped me recover well both physically and emotionally after a difficult childbirth that went differently than I had hoped. During my postpartum period, I received wonderful massages, Ayurvedic meals were prepared for us, and we received help from our friends and family. This allowed us to get to know our son and adjust to parenthood in peace. It was beautiful to experience that everyone in our surroundings offered so much love, space, and help.

This experience inspired me to provide other mothers and their families with the care they need during this beautiful, intense, and life-changing period. You can find the support I offer under 'services.' If you have other wishes, feel free to contact me for possibilities!


I wish for every parent and baby a loving and gentle start to a new life together!

Love, Julie

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