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Holistic care during pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood

About me

My name is Julie Helsen and I live with my partner and our little son in Nijmegen.

Throughout my education as a developmental psychologist and Infant Mental Health specialist, as well as my work in youth care and childcare, I have always focused on the early development of children and the parent-child relationship. Additionally, my own pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum period have inspired me to provide other mothers and their families with the care they need during this intense, beautiful, and life-changing time.

I wish for every parent and baby a loving and gentle start to a new life together!



Holistic care and massage during pregnancy.


Holistic postpartum support at home


Holistic guidance in parenting children aged 0 - 4 years. 


"During my pregnancy I received a very nice massage from Julie. She created a wonderfully relaxing setting in my own bedroom, where I received the massage. A soft massage with natural oil, just perfect during your pregnancy! You feel the attention she has for all the details, which makes the massage complete. For me it was really a luxury that you don't have to leave the house. I will definitely make a new appointment during my postpartum period"


“It takes a village to support a new family”


Call, message, or email for an introductory conversation, to schedule an appointment, or to ask your question.

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